Lider & Partners sp. z o.o.



Following the world that is changing and responding to a fast life pace we offer you modern solutions in housing. When you build with us, you gain:

  • Short completion time: thanks to the technology offered by us your house is ready in 3-4 months.
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly houses: technologies we use provide your building with excellent U-value (rate of heat-transfer) U = 0,142 W/m²K. The structure is 150% warmer than those in other frame houses.
  • Attractive price: our price is even 30% lower than those in traditional construction technology.
  • Fire safety: higher fire safety of the structure in comparison with traditional frame structure..
  • Moisture resistance: our buildings are rot- resistant and mold-resistant, possess high antiseptic properties and are atmosphere resistant.

Our company builds also kindergartens, utility buildings, holiday houses, gazebos.